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February 15, 2015 @ 10:48 am

Apocrypha - Daniel 13 & 14 and Tobit

Septuagint computer reading.  Growing up, we were told to shun the apocrypha, they are not biblical, etc..  Yes I can see some elements, like a history book inspired by man.  However regardless they are good stories and some good lessons in them.  I especially like Daniel 13, 14 and Tobit.  Now I don't ascribe to believing what Tobit went through but the lesson of fearing God, honoring parents is there. 

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February 8, 2015 @ 10:48 am

Teaching of the 12 Apostles - dated 2nd Century

History archives document called Didache - labeled teaching of the 12 Apostles dated 2nd Century.  Chapter 2 contains the commandments against murder, adultery, corrupting boys, sexual promiscuity, theft, magic, sorcery, abortion, infanticide, coveting, perjury, false testimony, speaking evil, holding grudges, being double-minded, not acting as you speak, greed, avarice, hypocrisy, maliciousness, arrogance, plotting evil against neighbors, hate, narcissism and expansions on these generally, with references to the words of Jesus. 

Added other historical work - called the Circle Maker message of Persistence Prayer. 

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