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August 7, 2022 @ 8:59 am

Apocalypse of Peter - First 3 Centuries

Apocalypse of Peter was in circulation within the Early Church Canon 170-340 AD. Removed 367AD.


Computerized Audio rendering.



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January 17, 2020 @ 9:15 am

What is hell like? by Kat Kerr

Someone once said, "I'm not afraid of burning in Hell" - Kat Kerr shares her experience of what happens when someone goes to Hell.  Short extract taken from her audiobook.

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January 9, 2020 @ 3:27 pm

What HAPPENS to you when you die - Kat Kerr

Have you ever wondered what happens to you after you die?  Many Scientific studies on NDE (Near Death Experience) reveal people leaving their bodies and facing either white tunnel or a black hole. Kat Kerr shares her experience of what happens after death.  This extract is taken from her book "Revealing Heaven" an eyewitness account. 

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October 25, 2018 @ 11:35 am

Ex-Satanist Warns People about Halloween

Ex-Satanist John Ramirez warns Christians about participating in Halloween.

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August 29, 2018 @ 8:54 am

7 Youths Taken to Hell

Part 1 of 2 Part series:  7 Youths Taken to Hell then come back to share what they saw and heard.  Part 2 contains the same youths visiting heaven.

Luke 16:19-31; Acts 2:31

Prior to Christ's resurrection all the dead went to Sheol, Hades (Ps. 89:48). Jacob said, "'I shall go down into the grave [sheol]'" (Gen. 37:35). When the earth opened "its mouth" to swallow the wicked Korah and his company, they went "'down alive into the pit [sheol]'" (Num. 16:30).  When Christ died, He went into the grave (hades) but at the Resurrection His soul left the grave (hades, Acts 2:27, 31, or sheol, Ps. 16:10).

Rev. 20:13 And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hades delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works.

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July 15, 2018 @ 11:33 am

Revelation of Hell by Mary Baxter (audiobook)

Hades - Hades is a place of torment, suffering and pain (Matt. 11:23; Ps. 9:15; Luke 16:23; Rev. 1:18). Those who don’t fear God and reject His Son will go there until Judgement Day.

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April 8, 2016 @ 2:14 pm

Hades is Real - Bill Wiese Shares

Normal quiet person, Bill Wiese, is taken to Hades/Hell and comes back to share what he saw!  

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August 12, 2015 @ 1:11 pm

THE INNER VOID - by Ordinary Christians (New Release)

New Release - An amazing documentary of a 5 part series by Ordinary Christians.  This is only the audio rendering of Part 1.  In this episode they explore why the good news is needed and if there wasn't good news what the result would be.  

'Ordinary Christians' Documentary is a 5 part series. It answers the questions why and what is the Good News of the Kingdom, how to get in? And once in - what next? It is based on the journey of a man called Adam (he is an amalgamation of many people out there). It is centered on Yeshua (Jesus)
For more information, watch the following


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August 29, 2010 @ 8:11 am

Taken to Heaven

Mary Baxter taken to Heaven by Jesus and describes what she sees. Provided by

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August 29, 2010 @ 8:11 am

7 of us went to Heaven

7 Youths are instantly taken to Heaven to share what they saw to the world. Provided by

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June 19, 2010 @ 8:33 am

30 Nights in Hell

Mary Baxter was chosen by God to let the world know of the REALITY of Hell.  For 30 consecutive nights Jesus took Mary on a tour of the horrors of Hell, & talked with many people there. Jesus showed her what happens to souls when they die & what happens to unbelievers & Servants of God who don't obey their calling.

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May 28, 2010 @ 9:52 pm

I didn’t believe this place existed

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April 9, 2010 @ 2:51 pm

Untold Evidence of God

The evidence of God isn’t revealed or taught in the education system - why? What are we afraid of?

Are we a product of the educational system when hard science, mathematics, history and logical philosophy points to the Designer? Are we truly free-thinkers or brainwashed? Are we tossed to and fro through ignorance and tradition? And do we honestly live life of meaning or do we live life based on our comfort?

The Author, a member of Mensa, has kept this book short, factual and to the point. He takes us on a life journey of pealing back the onion on these obvious questions so that the stench of the obvious truth may come to the surface.

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