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August 14, 2015 @ 8:11 pm

YESHUA‘S IMPACT - by Ordinary Christians

New Release 2 of 5 part series of Ordinary Christians.  In this episode, they explore the key facts Jesus (Yeshua) did as a man and his lasting impact through history.  He only ministered for 3 years.  Is there any greater man in history than Yeshua (Jesus)?  Ordinary Christians Part 2 -explores the greatness of Yeshua.  His impact on the world is good. 

'Ordinary Christians' Documentary is a 5 part series. It answers the questions why and what is the Good News of the Kingdom, how to get in? And once in - what next?  It is based on the journey of a man called Adam (he is an amalgamation of many people out there).  It is centered on Yeshua (Jesus)
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